PNRR monitoring

Fondazione Etica is founder with Università Cattolica, Libera and CNEL, of LIBenter, a purpose association to monitor the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The idea was born reading the first draft of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan published in December 2020 an then strengthened in light of the definitive document sent to Brussels on 30 April 2022.

In front of the forecast expenditure of over 240 billion euros from the European Union programme Next Generation EU, it is evident that the enterprise of contributing to the restart of our country requires a joint effort of all the forces of the nation, both institutional and civic, according to each own role and responsibility.

Next to to the duties of Public administrations, both Italian and European, LIBenter wants to contribute equipping our national community with cognitive and concrete tools to contribute to the role of "widespread control" that the 2013 transparency legislation assigns to it, thereby giving its contribution to the best execution of the projects contained in the PNRR.