LIBenter: evaluation grid completed

Fondazione Etica with Università Cattolica e Libera, is the promoter of LIB enter, a purpose association for monitoring the PNRR.

LIBenter has just completed the evaluation grid, identifying over 60 indicators to monitor and then evaluate the implementation of investment projects in the territories financed by the PNRR.
The grid was built by retracing the most important phases of a public contract: the planning of needs; planning (composed of different types of planning, as established by article 23 of the current Code of public contracts); the tender for the assignment of the execution of the public contract; the execution; reporting.

The evaluation method is a participatory method, as it has been discussed, verified, corrected with the support of monitoring citizens and communities, under the guidance of Libera and Gruppo Abele.

The guide for the use of the evaluation grid by citizens, experts and communities will be published in February.