About us

Fondazione Etica

Fondazione Etica is a national, independent and non-profit foundation, established in Milan in 2008 and registered under no. 397 of the Register of Legal Entities. It is a research center combining study, planning and practical activities.

We mainly focus on:

  • innovation and improvement of public administrations (in particular, administrative capacity, strengthening of public governance, efficiency, quality of public spending, smart cities, e-government);
  • transparency and prevention of corruption
  • participatory paths (civic engagement),
  • social impact innovation (particularly in social policies: promotion, coordination and evaluation of social impact innovation projects, innovative finance with a social impact; civic engagement; social inclusion, etc.)

Fondazione Etica boasts over ten years of experience in these activities.

Why Ethic?

The main characteristic of the Foundation is combining research activity with the concrete implementation of the activities resulting from the results of the research itself. “Ideas for action”, then.

Our area of activity concerns the public administrative machine, on one hand, and social policies, on another one.

In front of the easy and widespread tendency to list only problems, the Foundation prefers to act as a proactive tool, to study and build medium-long term solutions, which do not satisfy one-sided interests, but responding to an overall design of the institutions and of their authority.

The Foundation believes that the contrast between public and private is not only wrong, but unproductive and damaging. We want to ensure once again to the word "public" the positive connotations that the Constitution attributes to it: without falling into private world's characteristics but becoming a partner in the pursuit of the general interest.

Ethics is simply the premise, meaning a tool for the common good, as a rule for public behavior. Nothing to do with moralism, but rather with the concept of responsibility and regulation of correct coexistence within a community.