Centro REP, the scientific spin-off research center of Fondazione Etica, is looking for a resource to hire, equipped with [...]

During the meeting held during ForumPA 2023, a focus on the periodic survey by Fondazione Etica on the transparency of the Regions [...]

Ethics Foundation and REP Center participate in the drafting of the Regional Action Plans relating to Cohesion Policies 21-27, which […]

Great participation and interest in the webinar held on Friday 23 June, entitled "The territories and the 2021-27 programming of [...]

Atelier “Transparency, legality and efficiency” The first stage of the Working Group of the “Transparency, legality” Experimentation Atelier has concluded […]

Last March 29th, in front of the notary, the ATI was signed between the legal representatives of the three entities involved, i.e. [...]

“Good governance and the quality of public administrations are clearly in the interests of EU citizens and Member States, […]

After the flood in Emilia Romagna (yet another) the words of a singer-songwriter from Emilia come to mind: "it was already everything [...]

Presented in the Tuscany Region on the afternoon of May 16th, the project promoted by Luci Aps, Comunità Crisalide, Rockland Music School, […]

“Regions, what we don't know. Do we need more autonomy, more cohesion or more efficiency?” edited by Paola Caporossi Foreword by Nicola […]


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Fondazione Etica designs and implements innovative activities with a social impact. The idea may seem abstract or even vague, but in countries like Great Britain and the USA it is a long lasting cultural model, before being a political and economic one.

It was born from the wish not to remain indifferent to the growing needs of local communities, from poverty to unemployment. It was also born out of the courage to test in our country projects already carried out with success in other parts of the world.