LIBenter, with Fondazione Etica, and Public Notice together for the PNRR

The Coordinator of LIBenter, Prof. Nicoletta Parisi, the Rector of the Catholic University, Prof. Franco Anelli, the President of the Public Notice, Dr. Roberto Montà

LIB enter, which Fondazione Etica is promoting together with Libera and Università Cattolica, signed an agreement on 20 March with a Public Notice for the training of public bodies on the subject of the PNRR.
The agreement was signed by the Rector of the Catholic University (LIBenter leader), Franco Anelli, and by the President of the Public Notices, Roberto Montà.
The collaboration will consist in assisting the public bodies in implementing the Plan and, at the same time, in removing the risk of corruption and irregularities, through training courses designed specifically on the needs of the single body.
The necessary civic monitoring, which LIBenter is committed to promoting on the PNRR, to be truly effective – says Gregorio Gitti, president of Fondazione Etica – it must be accompanied by a collaboration with the local PAs, to be seen not as counterparts, but as allies of the citizens” in the implementation of investment projects financed by the PNRR, with the common objective of pursuing the general interest.
The LIBenter coordinator, Prof. Nicoletta Parisi, underlines that “through this program intended to unfold at least until today's deadline for the conclusion of the PNRR, the spending and investment capacity of the Public Administration is increased”. And he hopes that "increase the accountability of the individual body in relations with citizens and encourage their civic involvement in PNRR projects”.
Roberto Montà of Public Notice considers “the protocol with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart/LIBenter is an extraordinary opportunity to support the training of the administrators and administrative structures of our 533 member institutions at a national level. Public Notice has always believed that starting from training it is possible to increase the level of knowledge and awareness of the mafia phenomenon in public administrations, an essential element for promoting good administration attentive to avoiding that the presence of huge public resources is an opportunity for new business by of mafia and corrupt”.