Establishment of the Forum for Open Government

Following the closure of the 5th National Plan and the recent appointment of the members of the Forum for Open Government (FGA) 2024-2027, which saw the confirmation of Fondazione Etica for the second mandate, the OGP Italia Community, with the support of the Department of Public Function, is starting a new co-creation path to reach, by next June, the approval of the 6 ° National Plan (6NAP).

The March 26 the inaugural meeting of the 2024-2027 Forum will be held, the first stage towards the definition of the new co-creation process. The FGA, a forum for equal discussion between organized civil society and institutional actors interested in implementing open government policies, has the task, among others, of formulating proposals to the OGPIT and defining the methods of co-creation and co- implementation of National Action Plans, as the main, but not exclusive, tools for implementing open government policies.

Interested organizations can participate in the National Community for Open Government: May information here.