Small Municipalities become a "Community". Marras launches the Fondazione Etica platform

GROSSETO - "The theme of small municipalities must return to the center of the national agenda and I assign myself the task of defending these small realities on which Italy was built." – said Leonardo Marras, candidate for the Chamber of Deputies in constituency 14 at the meeting that took place in Magliano in Toscana with the participation of Vittorio Bugli, councilor for relations with local authorities of the Tuscany Region and Paola Caporossi, director of the Foundation Ethics. Among those present various public administrators of the province of Grosseto: the mayors of Civitella Paganico, Alessandra Biondi; by Cinigiano Romina Sani; Luigi Bellumori from Capalbio, Marcello Giuntini from Massa Marittima; of Seggiano Gianpiero Secco; of Montieri Nicola Verruzzi, the councilor of Monterotondo Marittimo Orano Pippucci.

“First of all, the Government needs to allocate more resources to put the Municipalities in a position to guarantee at least essential services. – commented Marras – Beyond a certain threshold you cannot go down. If the Municipalities are unable to fulfill the fundamental functions due to lack of resources, there is the risk of increasing the distance between the citizen and the public administration. I cite the paradoxical case of the municipal solidarity fund, which is calculated in such a way as to have the effect of progressively eroding the resources of the municipalities. In the case, for example, of Municipalities that have more spending possibilities than others thanks to tourist flows, that type of provision not only cancels this advantage but even further erodes resources. It is therefore clear that not only will we not have to go back a step, but that the State Budget Law will have to be designed in such a way as to invest more in the territories. It is also necessary that the resources available, current and future, are spent well by activating tools to make procedures and services more effective and efficient. In this sense, the Italiae program of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers is of a certain importance, which can provide legal, accounting, organizational tools aimed at strengthening individual Municipalities and their network in the fields of cadastre, taxes, local police, document management and in many others. The Tuscany Region is working in this same direction.

by Daniele Reali – 16 February 2018