Our proposals to Minister Dadone at OpenGov


In his debut at the OpenGovernment Forum, held in Rome in recent days, Minister Dadone dedicated two hours to listening to the requests of the foundations and civic associations making up the Table, responding personally one by one to the issues and proposals that emerged.

None of the previous ministers had ever done so with so much attention and so much time dedicated also in terms of presence: it must be acknowledged that this is a sign of great significance, which bodes well for the seriousness of the work we are going to carry out together.


At our request, the Minister reassured that the publication obligations in Transparent Administration (AT) on the PA websites will not decrease: they will be revised only in the sense of simplification and greater usability of access for citizens and businesses.

He then showed great interest in our proposal for a single database of the PA on the BDAP model of the Mef, combining the financial data of the BDAP itself with qualitative ones. To your question:


 “Yes, I am very interested in the idea, but how can we make it happen?” we replied that the necessary data can all be extracted from the TA sites and the models can be obtained from existing good practices, which we have identified in our analysis of the qualitative rating of public administrations, citing some concrete examples.

Also present with us is Civicum, a new component of the OpenGov Forum.