"Restart with open doors" appeal from the Open Government associations


The associations responsible for the actions of the Open Government Forum - including our Foundation - have written an appeal to President Draghi and to the entire Government for civil society to be involved in the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

“Civil society is not only volunteering, but also expertise and experience. Our participation in the drafting and monitoring of the PNRR cannot be considered ancillary, but an essential condition for a real restart.

-wrote Paola Caporossi, co-founder of Fondazione Etica and co-referee of two actions-

The results of our Public Rating demonstrate the weaknesses that still undermine the transparency and efficiency of Public Administrations, which need to be supported now, before the arrival of European funds: communities can and must give their immediate contribution" .

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The appeal is a "call for action" open to the membership of associations and organizations to work together to restart the country and remain connected to the mobilization in other European countries through the international network of OPEN GOVERNMENT PARTNERSHIP: