Debate with Fabrizio Barca on “Inequalities”

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Fondazione Etica and Luci Aps are pleased to host the economist Fabrizio Barca, former Minister and now Coordinator of the Inequalities and Diversity Forum.


He will speak on a complex topic such as:


un theme forgotten in the electoral campaign?

at “Luci nel Parco” – Rispescia (Grosseto), ex Enaoli

FRIDAY 16 SEPTEMBER – 18.30-20.00


Inequalities - this is your position but also ours - do not come from bad luck, and are therefore not inescapable.


Starting from his lbook “Inequalities Conflict Development”, Barca will be confronted with:

Don Enzo Capitani, Dir. Caritas

Francesco Pacini, Pres. Southern Tuscany Confindustria

on inequalities as a social and economic issue

Leonardo Marras, Assess. Regional PD

Andrea Ulmi, council Regional League

on inequalities as a political issue




Fabrizio Barca was Director of Research at the Bank of Italy, Head of Department at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, President of the OECD Committee for Territorial Policies, advisor to the European Commission, and Minister for Territorial Cohesion.

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