Turin: at Scuola Common di Libera we talk about administrative capacity


It opens on Thursday 28 October, in Turin, the

 National Common School organized by Libera, Gruppo Abele, Master AP:


The sixth edition program is dedicated to how to make civic monitoring an opportunity for community reconstruction and renewal in the post-covid period, with a focus on the widespread supervision of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).
The goal: to devise and activate shared strategies for a restart #aocchiaperti.


In this context, she was also invited to report Paola Caporossi, for the Ethical Foundation.

It will take place on Saturday 30 October

                       -at 15.30 on the spending capacity of the PA

                      -at 17.30 on the ability of the Municipality to support the commitments relating to the PNRR.