Fund for social innovation: project to relaunch Montepescali presented

MONTEPESCALI – The municipal administration has presented the project idea to obtain state funding for social innovation proposed by the Department of Productive Activities and Europe. The goal is to enhance the fraction of Montepescali (Grosseto), promoting tourism and employment, for which the Municipality of Grosseto aims to grab up to 150 thousand euros which would go to finance the actual study.

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Public Function Department - had published the Notice for the selection of experimental social innovation projects on 5 April 2019: the municipal council of Grosseto, which decided to adhere to this notice, therefore first approved the Guidelines for the participation of the Municipality of Grosseto as beneficiary of the loans. Subsequently, a multi-stakeholder partnership was set up made up of public, private or private social entities capable of supporting the municipal administration in its social proposal.

Now the delivery of the project idea has officially taken place. This consists of actions aimed at the professional retraining of adults (30-50 years) who are unemployed and at risk of social exclusion, possessing educational qualifications/qualifications that are scarcely spendable on the current market, also activating economic opportunities for their return to the world of Work. In fact, the activation of new work and employment opportunities is foreseen through the development of innovative forms of tourist accommodation, to be combined with the use of technologies for the support and management of tourist reception and territorial marketing services. All this will go hand in hand with the regeneration of the economic context of today depopulated spaces and places.

The working group - led by the municipal administration - is made up of the Social Cooperative Society Exit of Safety (lead partner) and the Ethics Foundation, with the partners the Melograno Social Cooperative Society, the Solidarietà e Crescita Social Cooperative Society, the Maremma Regional Park Authority, the social promotion association Circolo Festambiente, Grosseto Cultura Foundation, Coeso Sds Grosseto, Ascom Grosseto, Confindustria Toscana Sud, Provincial Cna Grosseto, Banca Tema and the investors Municipia Spa and Ubi Banca.

There are three phases of implementation: the first – for which funding is requested – is for the realization of the study, then for implementation and finally for consolidation and export.

(Il Giunco – 6 March 2o20)