Ethical Foundation calls for transparency

GROSSETO. Before the works, transparency. This is the request that comes from Paola Caporossi of the Ethical Foundation, an appeal to the mayoral candidates of Grosseto not to lose the compass of legality and to adhere to the public rating, a model for evaluating and measuring the transparency, integrity and performance of public administrations, at the which the Municipality of Grosseto joined months ago.
"We will soon get to the heart of the electoral programs which, predictably, will contain many beautiful promises: however, how many citizens will be willing to believe them?" asks Caporossi. «Beyond the names and programs, in fact, whoever is running for leadership of the city has a difficult task, which comes before all others: to restore authority to the Municipality as a public institution. This means restarting from the role assigned to it by the Constitution, which is to pursue the good of all. Today it sounds like naivety, almost a utopia, but there are no shortcuts: citizens' trust can only be won by starting over from there». Each programmatic point will be credible only if the candidates first clearly tell the voters how they intend to administer, says Caporossi. The "how" before the "what".
«Transparency – continues Caporossi – is the premise of an efficient Municipality: those who work well have every interest in letting people know how they work. Finally, transparency is the best prevention of corruption: customers are discouraged by a municipality that accounts for its suppliers and tenders".
The Ethical Foundation has ready the results of the measurement work done in recent months "in close and fruitful contact with the responsible office of the Municipality". However, the results will be disclosed after the electoral campaign "to avoid easy exploitation, positively or negatively", says Caporossi.
In the meantime, Fondazione Etica asks what the mayoral candidates' intention is: if they are willing to commit themselves to transparency, efficiency and clientele prevention, not with words, but with concrete tools such as the public rating.

The Tyrrhenian Sea – 07 May 2016