FE member of the OGP Multistakeholder Forum


Fondazione Etica has participated in the Open Government Partnership Italy since its establishment. In 2022 she was called to join the restricted body called Forum Multistakeholder (FMS).

It represents the actor who realizes the governance from the community of OGP Italia (OGPIT), which brings together both public and private open government stakeholders. It is the forum for equal confrontation between organized civil society, in its various articulations, and the institutional actors whose mission is to implement the relevant public policies for the definition, implementation and monitoring of the impact of a national strategy for open government.

The composition of the FMS is based on maximum representativeness and inclusiveness and meets the following requirements:

  • numerical balance between the public component and that representing civil society;
  • term of office: two years maximum, in parallel with the execution of each NAP;
  • the mandate to the same organization, both OSC and PA, can be renewed only once;
  • periodicity of the meetings: at least bimonthly, giving an account every four months to OGPIT, on the occasion of specific plenary sessions, of the progress and problems to be addressed.

The mandate covers the period 2022-2023, and concerns a selected group of public administrations and civil society organisations.