Working with the Regional Affairs Department of the PdCM on the "Italiae Project"


As part of the memorandum of understanding with the Department of Regional Affairs and Autonomies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the vice-president Paola Caporossi works directly on the "Italiae" project.
This is a project co-financed under the PON "Governance and Institutional Capacity" 2014-2020. The aim is to achieve a qualitative leap in the perspective of intervention on the territories, starting from the wealth of knowledge consolidated up to now, to develop specific methods and ways of supporting the system of local autonomies, making the available know-how and skills available to the territories.

"Italiae" was created with the intention of strengthening the administrative and service management capabilities of local authorities, and is structured along three lines of action: aggregation, inter-communality and associated management of functions.
The main objectives of the Project are:
– modernize the territorial administrative system,
– improve the performance of local authorities,
– enhance governance capacity.

To achieve these objectives, a series of actions will be implemented on the national territory capacity building, intended for all the administrations concerned.
The project is divided into various lines of intervention, designed and structured to help all local public bodies, with differentiated actions and accompanying tools. An indispensable approach considering the polycentric nature of the Italian territorial system, which is based on an objective territorial and orographic peculiarity.
In line with the project goals, interventions will also be made on other issues related to technological and managerial innovation, through the experimentation of organizational models and solutions; as well as enhancing and disseminating successful experiences made by other administrations on a large scale.