With the DD Forum “The Public Administration we would like”

On December 11th we participated in the event, organized by the Inequalities Diversity Forum "The PA we would like. Regenerate public administrations to guarantee rights and attract young people”, dedicated to the theme of the leap in quality that the Public Administration must necessarily make, also through its renewal and the hiring of motivated and competent young people. The full video of the event is available here.

This is the central theme of the documentary, produced by ForumDD and viewable here links, which addresses the difficulties of an undersized and aging PA and therefore, often, inefficient.

Average age of staff in the Regions

Fondazione Etica and Centro REP have been working for years on strengthening the administrative capacity of the PA, through the evaluation of the performance of the entities, also taking into consideration the average age of the staff employed in the PA, of which we report a re-elaboration above.

She spoke at the event Paola Caporossi, to reflect on the skills necessary for strengthening the PA and, consequently, for the optimization of the services offered and the quality of life of all citizens.