Why the commitment on PNRR with Univ. Cattolica and Libera

“In recent months, the initiatives of the so-called civil society to monitor the implementation of the National Recovery and Resistance Plan have multiplied in Italy, and this is certainly a reassuring sign.


This is why LIB was bornenter, last January, and, therefore, even before the draft of the Plan was sent to Brussels by the Italian Government. The intent was not to add to the many and very valid CSOs of our country, but rather to complement them. This is why the Catholic University of Milan, on the idea of Professor Nicoletta Parisi, has involved Fondazione Etica e Libera among the promoters together with the CNEL of LIBenter.

To do what?

 First of all, to study the PNRR in depth and, from there, develop guidelines that can not only help anyone to move easily between the milestones and targets of the Plan, as well as between reforms and investments, but also translate into a set of indicators, aimed first at monitoring and then at evaluating the implementation of the Plan itself.

The study of the latter and the consequent elaboration of guidelines have taken place and are taking place within the Catholic University, under the coordination of Professor Rino Rinoldi, gathering the contribution of academics from various disciplines and CSO experts. Such a mix of skills and sensitivity was intended to ensure that the final product of the working groups is not only scientifically based, but also usable and applicable for those citizens and communities who want to prepare themselves to monitor a type of investment or reform, on national or local basis.


Extract from the magazine VITA