The Public Rating on Corriere della Sera

Corriere della Sera has published in its economic pages the first results of the Administrative Capacity Index of the 109 provincial capitals, with a focus on the budget.

Below is an abstract from our Report.


The Municipalities of the North among the least virtuous are increasing

The analysis of the balance sheet indicators carried out on the 108 provincial capitals (for Agrigento no balance sheet is available), confirms the well-known trend whereby the North is doing better than South, but with new surprises.

On the one hand, in fact, it is confirmed that the most virtuous Municipalities they belong to the North-Central, but with some exceptions: among the top 30 capitals of ranking 2 are in the South: Sassari (in twenty-third place) and Enna (in thirtieth). Both in the Islands and both belonging to Southern Regions.

On the other hand, however, it is surprising that the number of Municipalities in the Centre-North has increased with widespread economic-financial management difficulties, not exclusively linked to geographical aspects. In fact, among the last thirty positions in the ranking, just under half (14 out of 30) concern Municipalities in the Centre-North(…)

Graph 6 –– Score by PC taxable income bracket – Budget Macroarea

Source: Administrative Capacity Index (Ethical Foundation) - re-elaboration of balance sheet data in BDAP (MEF)

Taxable income per capita

The variable relating to the economic wealth of the citizens of a municipality seems to have an even greater impact than the geographical one on the overall score of the Budget macro-area.

Excluding the first income bracket (up to 10 thousand euros), made up of only 4 Municipalities, for the remaining income brackets a clear link emerges between the score obtained in the context of financial management and the per capita taxable income of the population. None of the 17 Municipalities of the income range 10,001-12,500 euros obtains a score higher than Satisfactory: of these, 6 are placed in the band Poor.  

The results improve slightly in the upper income bracket (€15-17,500), where more than half of the institutions are in the upper two brackets (Good, very good), while the other half in those from Satisfactory down.

Finally, in the last two income brackets - the richest - the majority of Municipalities obtains a medium-high score, with only one Municipality in the class Poor and no one in Weak.