The ability to administer Municipalities

Corriere della Sera has published the data extracted from our new Report on the ability to administer the Municipalities.

In 2018 the European Commission, in its Report on the Public Administrations of the Member States entitled “Measuring Public Administration: A Feasibility Study for Better Comparative Indicators in the EU”, he said: 'Good governance and quality public administrations are clearly in the interests of EU citizens and Member States, in order to obtain maximum value from limited public funds (…). Worldwide, the data are irrefutable: high productivity, high-income economies per inhabitant are those with the most effective and efficient public institutions”1. In other words, there can be no economic and social development without good public governance. This is even more true now that it is a question of managing the funds of the PNRR.

For this reason, Fondazione Etica has measured the administrative capacity of provincial capitals, analyzing the level of accountability and performance in areas such as the budget, governance, personnel, services, tenders and the environment.

We report here a summary of the results on the 109 provincial capitals.