Rome, CNEL: The "grounding" of the PNRR

The "grounding" of the PNRR: combining simplification, the fight against corruption, the responsibility of civil society

22 November 2021 at 4.30pm
In the parliamentary hall of the CNEL National Council of Economy and Labour
Viale Davide Lubin 3, Rome

The event can also be followed ONLINE ON THE CNEL WEBSITE AND ON RADIO

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Intro greetings
Prof. Tiziano Treu, President of the CNEL
Lawyer Guido Camera, President ITALIASTATODIRIGHT.


Prof. Dino Rinoldi, Professor of European Union Law at the Catholic University SC
The complex articulation of the Italian PNRR in connection with the development of European integration.

Dr. Raffaele Cantone, Public Prosecutor at the Court of Perugia; former President of the ANAC
How to preserve the integrity of the PNRR.

Prof. Attorney Marcello Clarich, Professor of Administrative Law
at the University of Rome "Sapienza"
Administrative simplification is finally possible.

Dr. Giovanni Canzio, President of ORAC; First President Emeritus of the Supreme Court of Cassation
Collaborative supervision in the experience of ORAC Lombardia.

Prof. Giuseppe M. Di Giuda, Full professor at the University of Turin
Investment projects and digitalisation: engineering procurement?

Dr. Paola Caporossi, President of Ethics Foundation ah.
The role of civil society, between complex transparency and monitoring communities.

Prof. Nicoletta Parisi, Professor of International Law at the Catholic University SC; former member of the ANAC Council


Access to the event in presence is allowed only to those in possession of the Green Pass.
It will also be possible to follow the event remotely by connecting to the link to be requested by Friday 19 by writing to the address: [email protected]