Ethics Foundation and the Tuscany Region for the regeneration of public buildings

The Tuscany Region owns a high-value real estate, which it manages on behalf of the citizens, the true owners of those assets. Among them, buildings of historical and artistic value and lands in areas of rare natural beauty.

It is not always possible to find sufficient financial resources to restore and maintain them. To avoid its abandonment and degradation, the Region and the Ethical Foundation have promoted the first project with a social impact.


It also involves other actors, such as Caritas, banks, entrepreneurs, etc.

Starting from regeneration of a disused property in southern Tuscany,  the promoters have developed an innovative project in the social sphere on the model of Social Impact Innovation.


It is a new way of thinking about social and development policies, already tested in others Great Britain, United States, Canada: the goal is enhance the public heritage and, at the same time, respond to the needs of the community, acknowledging theinadequacy of the social and development policies adopted to date, both in terms of public financial resources and planning capacity, in the face of a exponential growth of incompressible social needs.

The design is nearing completion and will be published on this site.

To know more:   read here theabstract of the pilot project.