Press Conference for the "CASA COMUNE"

In Naples the first co-housing project for autistic children
in a house in the Quartieri Spagnoli confiscated from the Camorra

The presentation will take place in the Sala di Giunta of the Municipality of Naples in the presence of the Foqus Foundation, the Core Consortium, the Spanish Quarters Association, the municipal administration, Guber Banca, the Ethics Foundation.

A 200 square meter apartment in the heart of Naples confiscated from the Camorra will host Casa Comune, the first co-housing project aimed at children with autism, which will offer them paths of autonomy, opportunities for socialising, training and work.

The project is conceived and implemented by Foqus-Fondazione Quartieri Spagnoli, Consorzio Core and Associazione Quartieri Spagnoli, united in a temporary business association (ATI), to which a confiscated property has been assigned by the Municipality of Naples.

The focus will not only be on the project, but above all on the innovative path to achieve it, which moves from "sustainable" financing methods, as experienced in the Luci nel Parco project, in Tuscany, carried out in 2020.