Our data on Corriere della Sera "27 Municipalities to vote"

Here's how the 27 Municipalities spent the money in the vote. Cesena the best, Lecce black shirt

How did the 27 Municipalities that are called to the polls on Sunday spend their citizens' money? The analysis was conducted by the Ethical Foundation, created by Paola Caporossi, which evaluated financial and also qualitative indicators to draw up a public rating. In the economic-financial macro-area at the top of the ranking is Cesena, followed by Sassari and Pesaro. Last in the ranking is Lecce, with 37 points out of 100. Florence is also below average.
The ranking
Among the financial variables, the Public Rating analyzed eleven indicators for 2017. The Municipalities of the centre-north have obtained better results than those of the south even if there are some exceptions in the geography of administrative efficiency. At the top end of the standings, Foggia is in seventh place behind Ferrara, while Bari is in tenth place ahead of Modena (by one point). Cesena, in the lead with a score of 88 out of 100, is approaching the class of Rating Excellent. «The city, which obtains the maximum score in nine indicators out of the eleven analyzed - explains the study - presents a financial framework with many strong points: no financial deficit or recourse to treasury advances; high financial autonomy, spending capacity and collection capacity; limited expenditure rigidity and a satisfactory level of programmed investments». Queuing before Lecce are Avellino, Perugia and Vercelli due to treasury advances, limited spending capacity and high debt.
(Corriere della Sera – 25 May 2019)