#lobbying4chang, December 2


The "Lobbying4Change: the civil society lobby" coalition will be presented at the press conference in the Chamber of Deputies on 2 December.

A coalition of civil society organizations is calling for a law on lobbying in our country, to make public decisions more transparent and participatory. 

We will ask Parliament and the Government for a concrete commitment: speed up the process of approving the law to finally make lobbying truly democratic and not a tool accessible only to a few powerful and structured subjects. 

Introduces and moderates:

Federico Anghelé, Director of The Good Lobby Italy


Ivo Tarantino, Head of Public Affairs & Media Relations Altroconsumo
Joseph Orefice, Slow Food Italy Executive Committee

  1. Francesco Silvestrifirst signatory pdl lobbying (Movement 5 stars)
  2. Silvia Fregolentfirst signatory pdl lobbying (Italia Viva)

He concludes:

Sergio Costa, Minister for the environment and land and sea protection

Especially now, with the arrival of the Recovery Fund, we must avoid that the resources necessary for the restart of the country go to waste or exclusively benefit some interest groups to the detriment of the community. 

Follow the event live at this link: 



The event will be broadcast live on the Chamber's web TV.

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