“From protest to proposal”

The Report written in 2012 by Cittadinanzattiva and Fondazione Etica falls within the framework of those civic information and analysis activities which characterize a significant part of the policies of active citizens, at national and international level, and which perform a series of crucial functions for the active citizenship: it allows, for example, to recognize a problem of public interest (the transparency of administrative activity), it allows the theme of the correct functioning of the PA and public services to be included on the political agenda, it helps to formulate useful proposals to guide decisions, favors the verification of the implementation of the rules that govern the institutions and their activities.

The intention of the Report is to make it available to citizens and public administration operators

central and local, of the Government and of all the stakeholders, data and information on administrative activity, collected by citizens and operators. All of this information is oriented towards changing the existing situation, according to an approach that focuses on the effectiveness of citizens' rights (starting from the rights to transparency and information up to the rights to quality and appropriateness) and their interest in the proper functioning of the administrative system.