Municipalities: at what stage is digitization?

One of the fundamental objectives indicated in the PNRR, requested by the EU, is that of digitalisation.
To verify at what point the Municipalities are on this, the institution's commitment to the digitization of processes was verified according to the provisions of the National Digital Agenda.

In particular, it has been identified:

  • the incidence of spending on digitalisation,
  • the successful appointment of the digital transition manager,
  • the presence in the organizational chart of appropriate digital agenda management structures,
  • the publication and updating of the digital agenda.

For 15 Municipalities, no statement with clear information on IT expenditure was identified:
most are in the South (from Catanzaro to Nuoro, from Caserta to Matera, from Messina to Trapani), but they also include Modena, Perugia, Pisa and Viterbo in the Centre-North.
A second group of Municipalities is made up of 16 Municipalities which invest little or nothing in digital technology: half are in the Centre-North and half in the South.