Vast Area of Cuneo: PNRR for local administrators

Thursday 9 December training day dedicated to the implementation of the Pnrr and European funds in local authorities

Initiative aimed at administrators, secretaries, technicians and financial managers of local authorities on new upcoming opportunities


Cuneo – On Thursday 9 December, the Meeting Center of the Province of Cuneo is hosting an information and update day dedicated to the implementation of the Pnrr (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) and European funds in local authorities. The initiative, which is aimed at administrators, secretaries, technicians and financial managers of local authorities, intends to provide a basic technical preparation so that the authorities can make the most of the opportunities that will arise from the Plan aimed at relaunching their economy after the pandemic and to support the country's green and digital development. The day is organized by the CRC Foundation, the Province of Cuneo and the Europe Direct Cuneo office, in collaboration with the City of Cuneo, the Ethics Foundation and the Union of Municipal and Provincial Secretaries of Piedmont, with the support of the Piedmont Region and the Union of Piedmont Provinces.

“The National Recovery and Resilience Plan – explains the President of the Province, Federico Borgna – represents a great and perhaps unrepeatable opportunity for the growth and development of the country as well as the provincial territory of which the Municipalities are the main custodians and managers. Precisely for this reason it is essential to know the mechanisms and times to implement adequate programming that allows you to really exploit all the available resources. As the Province of Cuneo we wanted to offer this training opportunity in keeping with our role of technical-administrative assistance to local authorities".

The work is scheduled to start at 9.30 with an introduction by President Borgna himself, as well as by the vice president of the CRC Foundation Francesco Cappello, the president of the Piedmont regional council Alberto Cirio, the president of Upi Piedmont Paolo Lanfranco and the regional secretary of the Unscp Piedmont Luca Costantini. The speeches will follow: 10 am Paola Caporossi of Fondazione Etica on the theme "Administrative capacity as a premise of spending capacity"; at 10.30 Nicoletta Parisi, former Anac councilor on "The Pnrr: what it is and how it works"; at 11 Giovanni Vetritto of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on "From the central administration to the territories: who does what"; at 11.30 Paola Casagrande, Piedmont Region on "The role of the Region in the coordination of European funds and the Pnrr"; at 12 in video connection from Rome Bruno Tabacci, Undersecretary of State for Economic Development on the theme "Italy facing the challenge of the Pnrr".

The works will resume at 14.30 with the intervention of Roberto Colombero, president of Uncem Piemonte on "The small mountain municipalities and the Pnrr, how to have access to European funds and carry out interventions for the revitalization of the mountains?". This will be followed at 3 pm by the video connection from Milan with the trainer Roberto Daneo on “The Provincial Strategic Positioning Plan” and at 3.30 by the talk by the trainer Diego Corrias on “Pnrr: from opportunity to implementation. Requirements, tools and methods for effective project management”.

The conclusions of the day will be entrusted to the president of the Borgna Province. The secretary general of the Province of Cuneo Giorgio Musso coordinates and moderates the work. Upon registration, it is possible to submit questions on the subject via e-mail to the speakers who will respond publicly during the training day. Reservations required by 12 noon on Friday 3 December.

For information: formation.pnrr