President Busia confirms the ANAC – FE collaboration

 width=Anac and Fondazione Etica have signed a three-year collaboration relationship between the Parties for
– promote the transparency and integrity of Public Administrations as a preventive anti-corruption action;
– support the PAs in meeting the numerous regulatory obligations in terms of transparency, efficiency and anti-corruption;
– to encourage virtuous Administrations and make their experience replicable;
– bring citizens closer to the Administrations, promoting training and participatory paths.

The agreement arises from the consideration that

– that the ANAC. has as its primary institutional purpose that of supervising to prevent and contrast cases of corruption in public administrations, also through the implementation of transparency in all management aspects, as well as through the supervisory activity in the context of public contracts and assignments;
– that the ANAC. promotes the dissemination of an anti-corruption culture, transparency and integrity in public administrations and civil society, as primary antidotes to the corruption phenomenon;
– that the mission of the Ethics Foundation is focused on improving the Public Administration, promoting the culture of transparency, performance and legality, as well as activating participatory paths of encounter between institutions and citizens;
– that the Ethical Foundation has ten years of experience in analyzing the transparency and performance of Public Administrations as well as the prevention of corruption and has devised and built a tool for assessing Public Administrations, called Public Rating.