The kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ project for the world of Education and […]

Following the closure of the 5th National Plan and the recent appointment of the members of the Forum for Open Government (FGA) [...]

Fondazione Etica contributed to the 2023 Report of the PA Forum with an in-depth analysis of European programming and the ability to […]

The digital monitoring platform of PNRR projects, developed by LIBenter, fully operational since October, is being populated […]

From this year, the BtoB Awards initiative, after ten editions dedicated to the Monza and Brianza area, has arrived in Brescia for […]


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Fondazione Etica designs and implements innovative activities with a social impact. The idea may seem abstract or even vague, but in countries like Great Britain and the USA it is a long lasting cultural model, before being a political and economic one.

It was born from the wish not to remain indifferent to the growing needs of local communities, from poverty to unemployment. It was also born out of the courage to test in our country projects already carried out with success in other parts of the world.