Luci inaugurates the "music and words for intercultural integration" program

 width=Saturday 7 May, at 4 pm

Ex Enaoli, Rispescia – Grosseto

The social impact project "Luci nel Parco" inaugurates the musical program with "Music and Words without borders”.
The program is part of the institutional project promoted by the Regional Council of Tuscany, aimed at experimenting, through meetings and workshops, theintercultural integration through the arts.

At the first event they will speak with Paola Caporossi, Ethics Foundation:

Leonardo Marras, councilor of the Tuscany Region;

Fabrizio Rossi, deputy mayor of the Municipality of Grosseto;

Don Enzo Capitani, president of LUCI Aps;

John Deaf, director of the Tuscany Regional Land Authority;

Angelo Gentiles, president of Festambiente;

Francesco Pacini, president of Confindustria (to be confirmed);

Gabriella Orlando, Director of Ascom.

Will follow “Drum Circle”, an engaging rhythm activity with drums and percussion under the guidance of Tommaso Niccolai.

The program will continue:

Saturday 21 May at 4 pm:

Beppe Dati and the use of words in music.

– Saturday 4 June at 16:

Davide Braglia and an experiential laboratory on the beneficial effects of music.